Hi, I’m Whitley! Founder and Lead Planner of Eastwood Events. The company was established in 2016 and I’m so thrilled to be a part of countless couple’s special days!

Being a third generation entrepreneur, I’ve always had the drive and desire to own a business. I just couldn’t seem to find something that fit the logistic side and creativity into one career.

In 2014, I graduated with my Associates in Business planning to take the path of bookkeeping, a “practical” job for living in a small town I told myself. I quickly realized I was more excited about decorating my desk than being at it.

Shortly after, my cousin got married. The morning of her wedding they were in need of more help and my mom and I rushed there. With little direction and many hands ready to help, I somehow became the point-of-contact. That day at Stepping Stones Garden I had an “ah ha” moment. Growing up watching The Wedding Planner it was one of those movies that seemed like a dream.

Beginning of 2016, I ended a yearlong Wedding Planner Internship and transitioned into a Wedding Planner Certification Program. Shortly after, I met Taryn of Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals and was hired on as the “Lead Designer” which is still my “Day Job” to this day. She was a true driving force to pursue my passions and 6 months later Eastwood Events was created.








Started pursuing wedding planning

Started Wedding planner internship 

Finished first yr in business!

My husband and I eloped in front of my grandparents

My dream wedding 

Coordinated 51  happy couple's weddings to date

Completed internship

Got certified

Started EE!!