we provide signage & rentals!

The idea came to mind over a year ago, signage and rentals!

Pushing the thought aside, I had many brides this season ask if i had small items they could rent for their events. The more research i did, i found that a majority of my brides had to leave the county to find the items they desired. putting my love for wood working and design together i created our signage line as well as adding some small decor items.

Eastwood events bride's no longer have to pickup and drop off these items, they CONVENIENTLY come to you!

Natural Wood

Natural Wood collection: $70.00 
includes: Cards, Guestbook, Gifts, Grand Exit, Thank you,treat yo self, 3-Reserved, 20-table numbers

Cards(8 X 5.5)
$5.00 w/ tax

guestbook(10 X 5.5)
$5.00 w/Tax

Gifts (8 X 5.5)
$5.00 w/Tax

Grand exit (12 X 5.5)
$5.00 w/Tax

Reserved (8 X 2.5)
$3.00 w/Tax

Table numbers (5.5 X 4)  $2.00 w/Tax

Thank you (   X )
$5.00 w/tax

treat yo self(14 X 5.5)
$5.00 w/tax

please sign our guestbook (11 X 5.5)
$5.00 w/ Tax


Black tie collection: $50.00
includes: Cards, Guestbook, Gifts, 3-Reserved, 20-table numbers

black tie

Reserved (8 X 2.5)
$3.00 w/Tax

$5.00 W/TAX

TABLE NUMBERS (5.5 X 4) $2.00 W/TAX

CARDS(8 X 5.5)
$5.00 W/ TAX

GIFTS (8 X 5.5)
$5.00 W/TAX

acrylic collection (comes in back natural wood or white): $100
includes: Cards, Guestbook, Gifts, treat yo self, 3-Reserved, 20-table numbers

acrylic line

Reserved ( X )
$4.00 w/ tax

Guestbook ( X )
$8.00 w/ tax

$8.00 w/tax

 table numbers
$4.00 each W/tax

$4.00 each w/Tax

treat yo self
$8.00 w/tax

please sign our guestbook
$8.00 w/tax

corn hole
$55 w/tax

$45 w/tax

$45 w/tax

$35 w/tax

tic tac toe
$35 w/tax

Eastwood Events client deal
$200 w/Tax

Yard Game Bundle 
$240 w/Tax

*An additional $25 pickup/drop off fee will be added to non Eastwood Events couples orders

includes: 2-Cornhole boards, 8- bean bags, 1- cornhole sign

includes: 54-Jenga Pieces, 1-Jenga Crate, 1-jenga sign

includes: 55-Domino pieces, 1-scoreboard, 1-crate, 1-dominoes sign

includes: 5-dice, 1-bag, 1-SCOREBOARD, 1-crate, 1-yahtzee sign

includes: 1-tic, tac, toe board

includes: all 5 yard games, Delivery, setup, breakdown

includes: all 5 yard games and pickup and drop off at Skagit valley wedding rentals

lace cake stand
(10 W X 5 H)
$8.00 w/tax

*Only 5 Available

*Only 2 Available

White sm easel (15 x 7)
$5.00 w/ tax 

Lg wood easel ( x )
$10.00 w/ tax 

glass votives ( x )
$.75 w/ tax 

brown sm easel ( x )
$5.00 w/ tax 


Yard games


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