What’s Whitley’s experience with Weddings?

You may have heard the story of how our business became what it is today in our “about me” on the website, but what’s our experience?! Great Question. When I realized I was steadfast in the pursuit of following my passion for wedding planning, I thought what a better way to put my foot in the door than a wedding planner internship.


In that one year I completed 125 weddings at an all inclusive wedding venue.  I dove into every role you could think of from Catering, to Bartending, the bookkeeping department, setup, break down, you name it I had done it. That experience gave me great knowledge you can’t be taught. It gave me an understanding of the movement and process from start to finish of a couple’s wedding day. That internship has translated into the weddings that I work today. I know knowledge that I may never need to use such as the amount of water you place in a chafing dish and when to light the burner, how to tie a perfect “bunny ear” bow, how to think quick on your feet when you’re working multiple roles etc. Once I completed my internship I started my 3 month course and received my “Wedding Planner Certification”, because I wanted to study up on things that hands on experience may not teach you.


Shortly after I began the position of Lead Designer at Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals. Running consultations with couples and bringing their pinterest board to life in the showroom taught me about tablecloth sizes, materials, and how to fold a napkin endless ways. It also helped me grow the designer within and how to listen to a bride’s vision to guide them to a table design that they love. Months later I took on the position of Venue Supervisor at the Lairmont Manor (where I currently still work as well as SVWR). My experience has guided me to be the Wedding Planner that I am today. Today I am going on 4 years in the wedding industry working hundreds of weddings in total and 24 with my company. It has been in honor to be in such a wonderful community and to have worked alongside so many amazing couples.

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