What does Eastwood Events come with the day of the wedding?

I bet you’re wondering what we arrive with the day of your wedding. Not only does the EE Team arrive with excitement and smiles for your big day, we arrive with our handy dandy emergency kit (and a couple of other things)! What’s in it you ask and why do we bring it, those are great questions!

We’ve seen over the years, you can plan, prepare, and make many lists and something seems to always go missing or get forgotten. But not to worry, that’s why you hired a Wedding Planner to cover it! We have any array of items with us. From tools, tapes, string, to Tylenol, toothpaste, a sewing kit and pens. Take a look into our emergency kit! We truly try to give our couples a full ease of mind knowing we’re ready for even the little mishaps. 



At weddings you will often see me with a name tag clipped to my blouse, a stop watch and a fanny pack on my hip. Expecting the unexpected is key!


(The photo above shows a time I cut up the couple’s wedding cake with my chef knife that I always keep in my kit. My couple didn’t designate someone ahead of time so I filled in, and kind of love the challenge of cutting up a wedding cake!)

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