The Benefits of Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals & Eastwood Events

Did you know that the Owner of Eastwood Events is also the Lead Designer for Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals. We’re going to break down some of the key advantages of Whitley working for both companies and how it would benefit you as a client.

  1. Countless times we’ve combined an initial consultation with Eastwood Events with an initial for Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals. The questions go hand in hand. I chat about the logistics of their event, design inspiration and get to show the potential clients first hand what it’s like to work with me and my design skills, while we mock up their table.
  2. Throughout the process if you need to adjust anything for your rental order all you have to do is email me. It’s one less step you have to worry about and one less additional person you have to be in communication with!
  3. The two month out Coordination walk through at the wedding venue with my couple is yet another great example. During this time we go over their detailed set up sheet of their wedding day as well as figure out the layout of their floor plan. In this meeting I’m diligently listening and paying close attention to if we’re missing any rental items that may need to be changed or added, that could have been overlooked.
  4. The Day-Of the Wedding! Often times for my SVWR couple’s I will haul their items for them to their venue location. Not only is this convenient for them (one less pickup days before their wedding day, and drop off), but it gives me a ease of mind knowing when I arrive I can immediately start setting up.

Photographer: Jeff and Rebecca Photography


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