Keeping your voice through the planning process

Weddings are such a joyous, happy occasion. This is as much of the Bride’s wedding day as it is the Groom’s. Sometime’s though through the planning process other people’s opinions come into play, and the couple’s wishes can get over shadowed.

Here’s a couple helpful tips to regain your vision.

1. If you have a vision stick with it. This is YOUR day. Listen to other people and take their advice into consideration but at the end of the day this is about you two, for you two.

2. Feelings can easily get hurt throughout this process. Just by changing the way you phrase things can help prevent conflict. Instead of phrasing something in a way that might make someone feel attacked or take it too person start off with “I feel”, that way shifts the blame.

3. Consider if someone is giving you a lot of input and wants to have some control, use them! Delegate and give them a task that you need help with.

These are just a couple of simple ways to keep everyone calm, cool and collected

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