Do I need to send out RSVP Cards?

RSVP’s, the phrase that often goes hand and hand with weddings, but does anyone really even know what it means? But really. Well. Fun Fact. It is french and stands for répondez, s’il vous plaît, in english simply please reply. Nowadays, there are so many fun and unique ways to send RSVP cards out.

In the era where we spend a majority of our days glued to our cell phones or on the web. “The Knot’s” wedding website is so easy for everyone and cost effective. The couple just adds a couple cute pics, some helpful info and it’s as simple as that you have a site for people to reply on, it’s really that easy. For those good ole old fashioned people you can send out a reply card with your save the date, or if you’re like me and your grandparents don’t even know how to properly use there cell phone this is just as effective.

RSVP’s aren’t what they used to be. I get all the time “ why do I have to reply you know I’ll be there”. I look at each guest as a dollar sign, and as odd is that is to say and hear that it’s true. The cost of food per person, each table setting, the rental items decor etc. If 8 people said they couldn’t come to your wedding, that right there could be knocking off one table. How much could one table really save you? You’ll be surprised. The average, just average cost of food per plate is around $18. Then you have silverware, dinner plate, cake plate, napkin, tablecloth, centerpiece which if it’s floral could easily be $50. So let’s say each thing that is apart of each table setting spot is fifty cents each. That’s 2 dollars, plus the meal for $18 and multiply that by 8. That’s $160. But what about that the $14 tablecloth and centerpiece and those are just the basic items. Making it a total of $224. Now just imagine if I couple tables worth of people couldn’t make it!

If you were ever questioning about sending out a RSVP I hope I’ve persuaded you that the time it takes to make the wedding website, or the couple bucks it takes for the Reply cards is well worth it!

Photographer: Jeff + Rebecca Photography

Stationery: My Lovely Letters

Floral: Alanna Jae Floral

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