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The first time I met Matthew, was at a rehearsal this past summer. Prior to chatting with him over emails you could truly feel his outgoing personality and passion for his vocation, which is exactly the way he is in person. My couple had been raving about him for months and how much joy they felt in finding him to not only Officiate their ceremony but DJ as well. Matthew puts so much love, thought and execution in every ceremony he performs for each unique couple. I had the chance to chat with Matthew and found out more about why he chose this path.


How did you start Loves Events?

I’ve been at the center of productions, events and gatherings of all types for as long as I can remember. From starring in every school play to hosting fundraisers, it’s always been a natural role. In 2004, I began hosting a community 4K/10K and the timing company we used asked me to host their event for a fee.

How did you come up  with your business name?

Love is my given surname and also, naturally, the core energy of a wedding. It was such a wonderful natural fit!

What kind of packages do you provide?

I provide a wide array of service packages designed to cater to a broad range of needs and budgets, primarily Platinum, Gold, and Silver. I often craft specialized services based on planning consultations that are just right for the couple.

What is a wedding trendy that you love and hope sticks around?

I really love and enjoy all the many ways couples and groups express themselves and I couldn’t honestly single out any particular trend as the only thing for certain is change happens. I’m excited to participate in new and wonderful trends yet to unfold.

How would you describe your brand in three words?

Personal, unique and fun.

What’s the “why” behind your business?

There is just no other path that could be more representative of my passions, gifts and skill set. I’m most motivated by my “work” as fun play.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the Northwest and everywhere else, traveling and spending quality time with my tribe.


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