Fleur Project

Lately I’ve been struggling with this reoccurring thought of, “how can I help more people with my God given talents?” Helping couples on their wedding day is extremely special and trying to accommodate and relieve as much stress off of them as I can is my ultimate goal, but what more can I do in my community. Last wedding season I happened upon “Power of Flowers Project”. Based in Massachusetts, this non-profit started in 2009. Their main goal is to reuse donated floral and give it to recipient facilities serving the ill, the elderly, veterans, and others in need of a lift, made by 100 of their volunteers. Months after finding the Power of Flowers Project, I stumbled upon “The Bloom Project” which takes place in our neighboring state of Oregon. Their non-profit began in 2007 and their mission is the same, get flowers into the hands of those that need it. This concept has been on my heart ever sense.

Just two weeks ago an opportunity arised, I had a destination Bride. With her and a majority of her guests being from out of town no one knew what to do with the floral that had only been used 4 hours at their reception. We sent a majority of the floral with the Bride & Groom, Immediate family members and some of the amazing staff at the venue that had helped us that day. But there was still two large centerpieces. That wedding day I had the perfect Assistant with me, Alanna. Who is the owner of Alanna Jae Floral. We decided to take the floral home and try to salvage it.

With just those 2 centerpieces we made 12 full and flourishing bouquets to be given to the Sedro-Woolley Care Facility. Seeing the joy in the staff and patient’s faces as we walked in with all this floral gave me peace that this is the “more” that Eastwood Events could do. It sounds really simple, and it is. But after seeing as many weddings as I have, and seeing as much great floral thrown away at the end of the night, I want to play a small part of re-purposing it.

My hope for my couples that have no purpose for their left over floral or don’t want to deal with it at the end of the night will give it to me to bundle it and donate it. My goal in the following years is to partner with local Wedding Professionals who are passionate about this as well and see floral often gone to waste, so more floral can be given new life!Not an Eastwood Events client but want to re purpose your floral!? Contact Amanda with Rustic Event Rentals who is doing the same thing and floral can be dropped off at her showroom! Rustic Event Rentals

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