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The first time I had met Cheyenne & Rafael was at the Seattle Wedding Show just over a year ago. Upon putting on their head phones at their booth, I was no longer watching just a wedding video but it truly felt like I was watching a movie, and I’ve been a fan of theirs ever since. I had the honor of working a wedding with them this past June at the beautiful Moondance Inn overlooking Lake Whatcom. The duo is based in the PNW and specialize in Adventure Wedding & Elopement Film-making,  but are available at any location your adventure takes them! I had the chance to chat with them about some of the questions I’ve been dying to ask them about their business!

How did you come up with your name?

Amor means love in Spanish (Rafael is from Mexico). Amora would be the female name for love. The name was one of the first ones that came to us, and after hours and hours of brainstorming, it’s the name we kept coming back to.

How did you come up with your logo?

Our logo is the beautiful and elegant “Pueo”, which is what Pauahi would call an Owl in Hawaiian. In her culture, every family has an animal that is know to be the family protector or guardian. The white owl is hers.

There is also a personal story behind it. Twice now we have come across white owls in the wild. Once a few years ago in Hawaii, and just recently on our trip to the Olympic National Park. Both times the owls were standing still in the middle of the road, as if they were intrigued by this strange concrete river. Very unafraid they both did the same thing, just turned their heads to look at us and with one gentle swoop of their wings disappeared into the forest without making a sound. Those were humbling moments for us.

We can’t entirely say that we chose our logo, we feel that it chose us. We are honored to have such a beautiful and magnificent creature represent our Art.

What kind of packages do you provide?

Our pricing starts at $5K for Traditional Weddings // $2,500 for Elopements (without a reception). *Varying options for Wedding Films and length of coverage.

What’s a wedding trend that you love and hope sticks around?

Adventure Weddings! And Daddy first looks are the sweetest!

What are three words that best describe your company?

Adventure, Personality, Outdoors!

Every business has a “why”, what is yours?

We create Films that are uniquely YOU, every story molded and shaped by each one of our couples. It’s through getting to know you and being witnesses on your wedding day that we find the inspiration for your Wedding Film. We combine that passion for storytelling with beautiful cinematography & editing to create an heirloom that you will cherish and pass on. The vows you speak, the love you feel, the tears, laughter, emotions, and that crazy energy on the dance floor, will never be “just” a memory.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

We spend our free time exploring this new land, going hiking, camping and having adventures. Later in the year we’re planning on getting a travel trailer and exploring beyond the Pacific Northwest!!! Our mini zoo of two lovebirds and two cats are also a big part of our happiness, and a puppy is coming soon! It’s true what they say, when you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life. We have fallen in love with the art of Filmmaking and Storytelling, and we couldn’t imagine any other life, than to spend our time doing what we love together. Here’s one of our recent little camping trips that we would love to share with you.


Interested in their work and want to see it for yourselves? Hit the link below to watch Avis & Mike’s wedding adventures at the Moondance Inn.  Avis & Mike


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