A Dream Office

If my dream office were in a barn, this would be it. It was such a joy to put this part of the shoot together. Sometimes my favorite projects are the one’s that had no plan and naturally come together. The Vanderveen Farm’s walls was the perfect backdrop for this office scene.

Immediately upon visioning the location I knew the exact furniture I wanted involved. Just one month prior, my mom and I went picking in a barn associated with this venue and found this sweet little lack table. It has so much unique character and was a true antique, so when it came to a piece to showcase, I knew just the one.

For the smaller details of the office, I wanted elements of Rustic, Charm and Elegance. My process usually starts with gathering all the details that I love and piling them all together. Once I’ve built my dream pile with more than enough of decor items, the designing begins. Sometimes I get writer’s blocked on the spot when piecing designs together and other times the process flows. My personal solution to this is prayer and instrumental music and it usually comes together seamlessly.  

I tried to keep the design pretty simple and use many fillers. For fillers I usually have Greenery, Potted Plants, and Wood Boxes.  

Venue: Vanderveen Farm

Photographers: Jeff & Rebecca Photography


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