Jeff & Rebecca Photography

Jeff and Rebecca, Husband and Wife and the dynamic photography duo. These two have such a passion for photography and a thrill to capture some of the biggest moments of people’s lives.

They established their company in January of 2016. Jeff and Rebecca are members of the Snohomish Wedding Guild and Skagit Wedding Society. Constantly finding a way to be active in their community. They photograph anything from Portraits, Engagements, Branding Shoots and Weddings. The two of them put so much love into everything that they do for each couple. From their crafted together welcome and engagement gifts to the stylized mini shoot sessions.

I met Jeff & Rebecca late Spring of 2016. At the time Eastwood Events was still a goal and hadn’t been established yet. I had seen so much of their name on social media and their pictures were always popping up on my news feed. They had reached out to me saying they would love to meet and work together with me one day. Months later I was holding the Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals open house and I was looking for a photographer to photograph the event. The two of them were a perfect fit. From there our working relationship grew, and we have done many more styled shoots together.

Just this last month they photographed my branding shoot. I love everything a branding shoot has to convey and loved the idea of planning the details of the shoot. For me, I’m used to being behind the scenes, so getting in front of the camera was something I’m not all that used to. I worried about my double chin, looking dorky, feeling uncomfortable and all those normal things. From the start I was open with them at my concerns and they tended to them. They fluently told me to move my hand this way, or now lets try this. It was super helpful to not only have someone to direct me, but to have TWO people photographing me from different angles at the same time. Through the process they would give me sneak peeks of what they just captured, and I was amazed. They didn’t make me do any poses that were uncomfortable or weren’t me. They said this is your branding shoot and we want to capture who you are. It made me realize that shoots like this are best with photographers that fit you. There were moments I was laughing so much I forgot they were taking pictures.

Now, here we are a year later and I’m blessed to call them not only my work friends but good friends in general. When you meet the two of them you’ll see what I mean. Their cheerful spirits and knowledge for photography and the business is so encouraging to be around. Stay tuned for a wedding that we’ll be working together on this summer!

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