What is this Skagit Wedding Tour you speak of?

I’m sure you’ve been hearing lots of buzz about the upcoming Wedding Tour and are seeing their beautiful fliers around at the Wedding Expos. But, I’m sure you’re asking yourselves. “Just what is the Wedding Tour and why should I go?”

The Annual Skagit Valley Wedding Tour is held by the Skagit Wedding Society. The Skagit Wedding Society is a group of Wedding Professionals that are all working towards the same goal, to promote and grow the wedding industry in Skagit County by networking with one another. The Tour has a total of eight Wedding Venues in Skagit County that are put on full display. Each venue is set-up as if a real wedding was taking place. These venue’s also have a team of Skagit Wedding Society Professionals at each location. If you are just stepping out on the wedding scene, this is a perfect chance to dip your feet into the water by getting some inspiration and starting the planning process. Already have your venue? This is the perfect chance to see the Wedding Trends first hand and get inspired.

The Tour has two options. The first is the “Guided Tour”. The Guided Tour is where you pick which or all venues and drive to them yourselves. The second option is the “VIP Bus”. I know first hand from personally going on the tour, that the VIP Bus is the way to go, especially if the goal is to stop by every venue. On the VIP Bus you truly get to sit back and relax. It’s so nice to use the time between stops chatting about the venues you’ve seen and not having to worry about finding them. This year, they are also doing something new. You get a lunch with the VIP Bus ticket, if everything I’ve said up until now hadn’t sold you on the VIP bus I’m sure the lunch just did.

I hope to be able to chat with each of you at the tour and I hope you make a fun day of it.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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