Where’s the best place to find Wedding Professionals?

Starting the planning process or just looking for that last vendor on your checklist till you’re off to the altar? If only there was one place, locally, that you could find all the wedding professionals you need…hmmm. There are two great options that I love.

The first are wedding shows and wedding tours. Both are the same idea. Wedding shows is one space with tons of booths where you can meet all the wedding vendors you need in person and see what they offer. Wedding tours is a tour where you get to travel from venue to venue. Did I mention that at each of these venues they have vendors there staged as if it were a real wedding, cool huh!

The first two options are great if you’re starting the planning process at the beginning of the year or aren’t already busy that day but I’m sure you’re thinking there has to be another option, and there is. Society Pages! This is becoming more and more popular as the industry grows. Currently we have the Skagit Wedding Society, Snohomish Wedding Guild and Whatcom Wedding Professionals. These websites are full of members in the wedding community all in one site.

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