Should I hire a Wedding Coordinator?

Today I’m covering one of those last minute questions Bride’s commonly ask themselves. Should I hire a Wedding Coordinator? It’s a great question! And if your big day is months away and you haven’t asked yourself that yet, right now is a great time.

You’ve spent months, maybe even years dreaming and planning for this one special day. You’ve thought up what food to have, what you want your tables to look like and even what flavor desserts to have. But who’s going to execute your vision the day of your wedding? One of the top packages we book is the “Day-Of” Coordination package.The couples have planned a majority of the wedding but need someone to come along and finalize some key components. Typically when people hear the phrase “Day-Of” they think of just help on the actual wedding day. Our “Day-Of” Coordination starts two months prior to the event date. We do a venue walk through and create a detailed setup sheet to make sure nothing will be out of place. At this meeting we create a Ceremony & Reception Floor Plan as well as build your Master Timeline for the Wedding Day. The two weeks prior to your event seem to be the busiest for our couples. Last minute details, family coming from out of town, Wedding Professionals wanting last minute information from you. In this period of time we try to give our couples a break. We become the main point of contact for other Wedding Professionals with questions regarding arrival time, adjusting of the timeline and all those small detailed questions that seem to pop up! We are on site for the rehearsal and running it as well. The only thing we want on your mind that day is the rehearsal dinner and excitement for the next day to come. Now we have reached your wedding day. We are on site from start to finish. Setup, being the point of contact, overseeing the day and helping with the breakdown.

The difference between a professional and a friend being the Coordinator is experience. A friend is better than no one. But I highly recommend a professional over a friend. Hiccups always occur the day of the wedding, but with a professional they will be taken care of before you even knew there was a problem. Professionals come equipt with an emergency kit and more then likely have already done a wedding at your location and are familiar with the space.

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