I’m Engaged, Now What!?


You’re Engaged! Congrats! Now what? The question has just been popped, the excitement is settling in and you realize the planning process is about to begin.

Budget is number one, from there other questions will fall into place. There are so many different calculators and equations to help you figure out what ball park your budget will lie in. One site that I personally liked and went pretty in depth is “Real Simple”, at the end of the blog post I’ll add their spreadsheet. Not only will this budget sheet help you with your budget, but it will give you an insight into how many details go into a wedding and help you check off all the details to remember. 

Next I always ask, how many guests are you going to have. Your guest count and budget go hand and hand, the more guests the more it will cost. Attached to each guest is a price tag. Each guest will cost blank amount for food, table setting ware, rentals, cake, drinks, glassware and if you add enough to add an extra table that’s adding on another centerpiece design. Just 8 guests, which is the average amount of guests at a standard venue’s round table, can definitely add up which is something to keep in mind.  

The third big thing to figure out is Location. Venue’s prices will vary on the region of the venue, what they provide and how much of setup and cleanup the venue does. Some venue’s have an In-House Caterer or the option of full kitchens on hand and other’s are limited to what food prep you can do on site. Also, something that can change the cost of a venue is what kind of chairs do they have? Are they plastic folding chairs, nice wood ones or even Chiavari. Keep your eyes peeled for the many variables that can affect the cost.

My advice to those couples who just got engaged, enjoy it. Once the planning is in full swing time flies by and lists of what’s next are constantly made. Take it a couple things at a time, and before you know it your wedding day will be here.

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