2016, The Year of Growth


To say Twenty-Sixteen was the year of growth was an understatement.

In January, I started my Wedding Planning Certification course.

In February, I took on the position of Lead Designer at Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals while still working at an All-Inclusive Wedding Venue as a Wedding Planner Intern.

In April, I finished up my year long Internship and continued progressing as the Lead Designer at SVWR, while still looking for my next move.

In May, I received an email from Emily. Owner and Lead Planner of Prudence and Sage, then at the time Thrifty Beginnings. While trying to broaden my knowledge as much as possible Day-Of. I also Assisted with Cheers and was a Venue Coordinator at the Lairmont Manor. It was truly a jam packed summer!!


In the back of my mind was a business endeavor that I wanted to take on, owning my own Event Planning  business. Taryn (Owner of SVWR), Emily (Prudence and Sage) and Amber (Cheers), were all driving factors for me to start the business this year. I’m a Planner. Not only in my job but in life. I love to have everything set out in place and then take it on. That was the idea when owning a business. These three business owners reminded me that it’s okay to learn as you go and you can only plan ahead so much.

In August of 2016, I applied for my business license. It just kind of happened. While still working all my other summer jobs. August was the month of my sister’s wedding and my brother’s wedding would fall a month later in September. When applying for the license I hadn’t thought that the ball would get rolling as fast as it did. When I received my license it was surreal. Partial with receiving it, it felt like just a piece of paper but it also felt like so much more.

My first Eastwood Events wedding took place in November at Maplehurst and it was a dream. The couple, the location and everything else went according to plan.

Twenty-Sixteen is a year I’ll never forget. I’m beyond excited to see all that Twenty-Seventeen has to offer and the growth I will take from it. Happy New Years!

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