What Inspired Eastwood Events Brand?

I’m a theme person like no other. Give me a color combo or a theme and immediately I start to dream up my next styled shoot. I had done a handful of styled shoots before “Eastwood Events” Branding Shoot, but this was like no other. When thinking up what I want my brand to look like. I asked myself, what do I want people to feel when they see my brand, what kind of clientele is my target market and what feels like me in a marketing aspect. Eastwood Events is a mix of comfort and elegance, with neutral earth tones.

The moment I saw Christianson’s Nursery for the first time, I felt inspired. Everything about it, from the white  greenhouse to the school house filled with shiplap. And of course all the rustic decor pieces just laying around in old barns. I knew that the feeling I got from that venue was the exact feeling I wanted to portray with my company.

It was almost too obvious of a decision for me to make the school house everything I wanted to base my brandingg around. With the name “Eastwood” I couldn’t help myself but take it literal. I’m personally not as drawn to natural wood but slap some white paint on some wood and I’m inspired. The shiplap on all of my design pieces is actually the wood in the school house photographed.

The Chiavari chairs is that touch of elegance I always envisioned. The handcrafted wood candles down the table runner, the beautiful greenery chandelier done by the oh so talented Kelli Walker and the shiplap as a backdrop, was the finishing touch to tie together comfort, wood and elegance in one photo.

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