Why the name Eastwood Events?

When it came to naming my business, I wanted it to be personal and somehow affiliated with my name, without actually being my literal name. Growing up and watching my dad be an entrepreneur and own his own business, has always been a driving factor for me to start a business of my own. For him, when it came to writing down his business name he kind of came up with it on a whim. But for me, it was a way to continue the business family name in a new light. My last name is dutch (Osterhout). “Eastwood” is the dutch version of my last name.  “Oster” meaning east and “hout” meaning wood. My business name, coincidentally fits perfectly with the design elements that inspire me most. The outdoors! So when it came to picking my business name, it was a no brainier. Today, we are known as Eastwood Events, Event Planning. 



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