What does Eastwood Events Provide?


Eastwood Events provides Day-Of Wedding Coordination. A question I often get asked is “Is it literally Day-Of Coordination?” The answer is no! Typically I have brides book anywhere from a year to two months before their wedding date for the “Day-Of” Package. If Brides have simple questions or need a tip of advice along the way, they are more then welcome to shoot me an email.


The “Day-Of” communication truly starts two months before the wedding date. During this time we discuss the complete wedding design, floor plan and make a detailed setup sheet. The couple and I also cover a detailed Timeline of the day and go over Wedding Professional contact information, so I can be in contact with them and make sure everyone is on the same page. During the rehearsal I am also there leading it for the one hour time block.



On the actual “Day-Of” their wedding, I am the main point of contact for Wedding Professionals coming and going throughout the day. I am overseeing that everything that has been planned in the two months prior is happening the way it’s supposed to and according to the timeline. During this time, the Bride and Groom are leisurely getting ready and spending time with friends and family.

The most important aspect of my job, is to make sure the Bride, Groom and their guests are getting to enjoy the moments of the big day to the fullest! Head over to our Planning Service to read more about the logistics that we provide “Day-Of”.

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