Why do I really need a Wedding Planner?

Today, I’m covering the most common question that gets asked about Wedding Planners and honestly a good deal of Wedding Vendors. Do I really need one?

I can’t say it enough (being as frugal as I am) I understand why you ask this question. The wedding is already the most expensive day of your life, but, it’s also the biggest day of your life. I’ve personally seen 3 sides of this question.

Ahhh, the brides with the Wedding Planners. Trust me you, your vendors and your family will love this approach. Nowadays 12 hours to be at a venue sounds like a lot of time! This day will fly by. You want to arrive to the venue in peace with your biggest worry of the day being will I have time to snack throughout the day? This day is jampacked. There’s setup, decorating, bridal party needs to get ready, vendors start arriving, food prepping continues, photos, ceremony...the list goes on and on...getting stressed yet? Well, no need to stress, you have a planner to alleviate the stress for you.

The second approach. I’ve seen brides not have planners and delegate to someone that often (not always) but a majority of the time, aren’t able to delegate the details of the day the bride wishes, not to mention that “Day-Of’s” aren’t only there for you the big day. But mostly behind the scenes working on your floor plan, timeline, making sure all the vendors are on the same page and of course all those other odd end things that come up until the big day. So, As I was saying. Three sides to this question.  

The Third approach. For you brave people that want to save money, this one’s for you. Not only do I see this a lot at “DIY” weddings or weddings on a tight budget, but I had the honor of personally going through this experience first hand. My sister was getting married and being that penny pincher I am, I said you know what I can give you your dream wedding at a legit beautiful venue, everything included for around $7,000. And I did, and it was beautiful, but I would definitely not recommend this to anyone. I was the sister, the bridesmaid, the wedding planner(of course hiring a Day-Of with me), the DJ and the MC. Had working over 130 weddings I knew what I was doing and knew with lots of scripts and work could make it work. Looking back, being a vendor overshadowed what should have been two of the most important aspects of the day of me being there. Being there for her as a sister and a bridesmaid. I don’t personally take back my decision, that day was not my day, and that day was not all about me. Seeing my sister at ease and knowing she was having the best day was all that mattered.

I guess the point I’m trying to get to is, vendors aren’t the cost you see them as. They’re so much more than a dollar sign. They’re a worth. For one day all these people and moving pieces are allowing everyone to truly be a guest and enjoy every. Single. Moment. And that feeling right there is something you can’t put a price tag on.